Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wednesday Link Love

Syed Javaid A. Kazi<br/>Pakistan<br/>Little Burden, Shui Tribe, China

Some beautiful images of mothers and some great reading too.

Loving this little ring, and hoping to try to make one soon.

Can’t wait to hunt down an old watch like this (thrift store?!) to make this bracelet.  Love it!

Amen to this, Sister.  This is a fundamental difference in DH and I.  He loves to have all small appliances lined up.

Sure hope I remember this site at Christmas time.  I know any number of people who would love to have that solar powered waving queen!

Does this look heavenly, or what?  I felt like I had been on a little getaway after looking at the pictures.

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donna said...

The heart ring is adorable but I'm pretty sure making one is beyond my abilities.

I have several vintage watches that belonged to my two grandmothers. Thanks for the photo idea.

No clutter on the kitchen counter?? I thought that was its purpose:) Serously, I just scoop it up and move it to another room and eventually it comes back to the kitchen.