Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wednesday Link Love!


Could anything be cuter than this? Well, yes, this!

Kids ULTIMATE Bearded Beanie Warm Brown

I love this story about something pink from NieNie, and I love love love this pink bicycle she introduced me to. I mean, what could you NOT haul in a bike like that?!

Loving this, and wondering where you could get those loops!

Wishing the graffiti artists in my neighborhood would try a new medium. Like this, for instance

Loving these! Wonder if I would have the patience to make some…

I’ve spent hours thinking of what I would love to do with my kitchen. Seriously loving what Saucy did with hers, especially that wonderful sink!

I so love this, truly love it. How happy it looks!

I love a good household tip, especially with someone as cute as Ken.


Amy said...

Oh my goodness, Ken is a doll.

donna said...

Sue, I have a crush on Ken and have shared that video with a few people and I don't even eat corn on the cob.

The beard hats...adorable and make me laugh, too.