Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday Link Love

Check out these cotton candy cupcakes at Cookies and Cups.

If closets weren’t at a premium around here, it would be cool to do this.

Wish I had done some of these when the hands around here were little.

These are fun, aren’t they?

I somehow didn’t get caught up in the World Cup frenzy, but I loved watching this video.

I don’t care for coffee, but maybe this Vietnamese coffee……I mean, sweetened condensed milk with just about anything……..

I would SO love to have one of these chairs!

Check out the before pics, and then click on the link to the ezine. 

Yes, I can do this, and yes, I will do it!

How adorable are these? 

Maybe in the absence of scrapbooking time, I could at least pull something like this together, which would still give my kids a visual history…..


Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Love the chairs!!

donna said...

Phillip would LOVE the cotton candy cupcakes....but his mother, not so much.

If I were putting together the cupcake stand, I'm quite sure my hot glue gun would play a part in the construction. My SIL had a huge cupcake stand for her wedding back in April. We all luved it.

There are several unused tomato cages down in our basement, but they won't be transformed into lanterns anytime soon. I'm not crafty enough.

Fun visiting your links.


skiffywife said...

I want a couple of the spring metal chairs for my porch. When you come by you'll recognize the church pew even though I don't sit out there much.

Lindalou said...

I always love you link loves. So many cool things to see out there.